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After the main site got a brand new look in August 2005 attention was switched to the forums. January 2006 saw a brand new forum engine ready for use - and you're just a few steps away from setting up your own forum.

Have a look at the features listed below, and when you're convinced go ahead and create a forum!

Feel free to try out the test forum to see all of the new features in action

New Features

Contact moderators - users can now send a message to all of the moderators of a forum

Who's online? - a constantly updated list of who has been looking at what on your forum

Mark articles/pages as (un)read - very useful for those people who visit your forum from more than one computer

Spell check facility - for those forums which have paid to remove the advertisements

Ignore threads - logged in users can ignore threads so that they no longer show up for them

Watch threads - logged in users can get an email whenever a new message is posted to a thread

Disguised email addresses - they are obscured so that harvesting programs (used by spammers) cannot read them

Preferred sort/view - logged in users can change the way that the forum is displayed for them

IP address bans - forum moderators can now prevent certain IP addresses from viewing, or posting to, their forum

Other moderator tools - several other tools have been added for forum moderators

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict - all forum code is 100% valid, so should display properly in any decent browser

Should you have any questions, please do get in touch.