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Energy is the ability to do mechanical work, give off heat, or emit light.

Formula symbol: E

Unit: one joule (1 J)

Energy is a state variable and in closed systems a conservation variable. Energy is present everywhere in nature and technology - chemistry problem solver . Humans, animals and plants need it for their development.

Technical devices like radios, refrigerators, televisions or computers need energy to operate. Without energy, no train would run and no airplane would fly. Nevertheless, energy cannot be seen, felt or touched. But you can recognize it by its effects. In general, the following applies to the quantity energy in the natural sciences:

Energy is the ability to perform mechanical work, to give off heat or to emit light. The unit of energy is named after the English physicist James Prescott Joule (1818 - 1889). Multiples of the unit one joule (1 J) are one kilojoule (1 kJ), one megajoule (1 MJ) and one gigajoule (1 GJ):

- 1 kJ = 1000 J

- 1 MJ = 1000 kJ = 1000000 J

- 1 GJ = 1000 MJ = 1000000 kJ = 1000000000 J

In addition to the unit 1 J, other units are used for energy, sometimes only in special areas of the energy industry:

- one Newton meter (1 Nm): 1 Nm = 1J

- one watt second (1 Ws): 1 Ws = 1 J

- one hard coal unit (1 HCU): 1 HCU = 29.3 MJ (This is the average energy content of 1 kg of hard coal released during complete combustion).

- one crude oil unit (1 boe): 1 boe = 41.9 MJ (this is the average energy content of 1 l of crude oil released during complete combustion.)Energy as a state and conservation variable

The quantity energy characterizes the state of a body, an electric field or a magnetic field. In physics, such a quantity is called a state quantity in contrast to a process quantity - php homework assignments on , which characterizes a process.

For a closed area or for a closed system, the total energy is always conserved. Thus, energy is also a conservation quantity for which a conservation law - homework help on Do My Homework Club - the law of conservation of energy - applies.

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