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By Paulo (legacy user)3/1/2015 20:24Sat Jan 3 20:24:11 2015

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I agree with all that has been said on the previous thread and understand the frustration and angst that everybody is feeling including me.

However, I am going to come at it from another angle (rather than we need to strengthen here there and everywhere). We have most of the team that played last year. When we went 1,2,3 or even 4 up, last season, the players and supporters sniffed blood. You just can not do that at this level. Three games come to mind, away at Three Bridges (let a two goal lead go) Chips on Thursday, 3-1 up, and today.

It maybe a legacy from last season. A two goal advantage at this standard is great and has to be protected. We still appear to be a bit "Gung Ho" about Attack, attack, attack. I think we need to learn how to win games when we are in this position at this level.

I am sure those in the know will agree. So onwards and upwards, no doom and gloom. We are still in a great position to push for the fifth spot.



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By Al (legacy user)3/1/2015 21:00Sat Jan 3 21:00:20 2015In response to TodayTop of thread

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I think I agree with most of the comments made here and the earlier ones, we cannot blame the Ref even if we agree he made errors, they were not we're not game changers, like the missed chances up front, we outplayed them as we did Thursday, then we sit back assuming game won, whist opposition see opportunities and pressured so we folded under that pressure.
Sure we missed players through injury, cannot be helped, through suspension is avoidable, and our temperament this year has not been good, and we looked frail under pressure, we have the ability as we have proved, so let's find our game , hit target up front, play the football we know we can play, and defend especially far post balls at the back.
It is a shame that we have faltered with good crowds present, get our game on track Tuesday on wards and up

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Re: Today

By Leafe van Cleef (legacy user)3/1/2015 20:53Sat Jan 3 20:53:53 2015In response to TodayTop of thread

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Very good points Paulo. I think we tend to forget that bar 1 or 2 we have a fairly young squad that are still learning. The play offs are most definitely still a possibility which considering that most of us were looking at a comfortable mid table finish before the season started is quite some achievement. The problem with this achievement is that our expectations are raised, maybe to unrealistic levels. Watching this group of players over the last season and a half has given me a huge amount of pleasure and I'm sure they will continue to do so. Consider my doom and gloom banished. COYL!

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Re: Today

By Paulo (legacy user)3/1/2015 21:17Sat Jan 3 21:17:30 2015In response to Re: TodayTop of thread

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At the beginning of the season I would have agreed with everyone the a safe mid table place would be good. However, seeing the teams we have played I think we have a really good chance of 5th place ,and why not? Don't want to get involved with injuries or refs. Its all down to what we do.

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Re: Today

By Clive (legacy user)3/1/2015 21:09Sat Jan 3 21:09:22 2015In response to Re: TodayTop of thread

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Yes no doom and gloom even from me.
Just massive disappointment after a wonderful dominating performance for 70 mins.
It feels even worse than playing rubbish and losing in a way.. And I've just realised that Sittingbourne have not scored for 600 minutes since 6th Dec until today!

Looking forward to Tuesday. Mind you, they are no mugs now.

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Re: Today

By Viv Aldi (legacy user)3/1/2015 23:32Sat Jan 3 23:32:35 2015In response to Re: TodayTop of thread

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The thing that really hurt today was just the inevitability of it all. As soon as Sittingbourne got the first I know I am not the only one that doubted we would even get a point which is just ridiculous.

I'm just about over it.. see you all on Tuesday

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it was

By bruce leafe (legacy user)4/1/2015 18:10Sun Jan 4 18:10:12 2015In response to Re: TodayTop of thread

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agonizing watching it on twitter. Over the moon when Greg scored, then couldn't believe it when 1 2 then 3 went in really quickly.
I agree that expectations may be running a little high, but its called ambition. Although we play some really nice football at times, we seem unable to keep the ball. Wasnt to bad last year, but the step up is a lot bigger than people think.
We said at the start of the season that we looked good going forward, but needed something else at the back and we haven't really looked solid for games at a time. The tooting game,although we defended really well, was more to do with Tooting's more woeful finishing.
Still, as everyone says, no need for panic and now is the time to let the team know we are right behind them and we are going to continue to get behind them. Supporting a team is taking the good with the bad and don't forget, these guys have other jobs and do it more out of love of the game. You don't get rich playing for the Leafe!!!! So they don't make mistakes on purpose. Bet you all of those players were as gutted as you were after and it would have hurt.
These are definitely the times you find out who is up for it and who wants to point fingers. Win together, lose Tuesday is an oppotunity ti show the team we are up for the challenge too.
And welcome back Tommy Smith.

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Re: it was

By Toby Lerone (legacy user)5/1/2015 09:49Mon Jan 5 09:49:49 2015In response to it wasTop of thread

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Spot-on Bruce.

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Re: it was

By Toby Lerone (legacy user)5/1/2015 09:54Mon Jan 5 09:54:31 2015In response to Re: it wasTop of thread

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Let's not judge our defence harshly because of that ten-minute spell the other day. Shouldn't we judge them on the fact that after 28 league games played, only three teams have conceded fewer than us all season? We've sung their praises more times than we've offered any criticism, that's for sure. Swings and roundabouts.

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Tommy Smith

By Julie Pescod (legacy user)4/1/2015 22:24Sun Jan 4 22:24:37 2015In response to it wasTop of thread

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Glad to see you back !
Good luck for the rest of season boys !

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Welcome Back

By Colin (legacy user)6/1/2015 16:33Tue Jan 6 16:33:38 2015In response to Tommy SmithTop of thread

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Our very own Jan Arne Riise is back - lets get behind all the lads and secure this playoff spot. It's in our own hands at this point - players and fans alike - one team! COYL and welcome home Tommy!

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