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Emirates Global Aluminium

By MentalDredd24/9/2021 12:03Fri Sep 24 12:03:35 2021

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Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) is an organization in the United Arab Emirates specialized in the production of aluminium. The organization is a syndicate of two firms: Dubai Investment Company and Mubadala Development Corporation established in Abu Dhabi. According to Egrilmezer (2014), the EGA has been committed to constant innovation in the aluminium smelting process. The commitment has been reflected through continual in-house development and industrial-scale installation of improved propriety cell technologies, which has resulted in higher production, environmental benefits, and improved current efficiencies. Research shows that the EGA has an employee capacity of about 70,000. The vision of this firm is to be a reliable provider of smelter technologies (Egrilmezer, 2014). This agenda could be realized through establishing opportunities for modernizing old smelters and developing cost-effective solutions through in-house modelling and process capabilities. Besides, secondments will be quite beneficial to both the secondee and companies (Turner, 2013). Insofar, the organization produces bauxite and primary smelting aluminium. For the purpose of understanding how the EGA operates, it is imperative to know the meaning of a secondee and his/her contribution to the company.
The Meaning and Importance of a Secondee
A secondee is an employee who gets a temporary transfer to an alternative job in a given workplace. The transfer is significant because it enables the worker to acquire new skills, experience, and opportunities that improve his or her competence (Al Zarouni, 2015). Similarly, it enhances the reputation and the image of the firm practicing secondment. Researchers have found that the value of objectivity always supports secondment. As such, two types of detachment are necessary in this case. The first one is the case when the employee is transferred from one department to another within the same organization, while the other kind is when the individual is shifted from one department to another in a different firm.
An employee who is being seconded is given an opportunity to practice carrier development. They get exposed to different teams to boost their working morale (Whitfield et al., 2015). Furthermore, employers get some benefits from secondment. For instance, they get more qualified and experienced employees. By doing so, the reputation of their company is improved. Companies, for example, the EGA, realize that they operate with the assistance of the community and the social infrastructure around the organization (Kermeli, ter Weer, Crijns-Graus, & Worrell, 2015). The industry, therefore, focuses on how to encourage the community’s interest to purchase and consume more of its products.
Experts have realized that the EGA utilizes the value of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its performance. For that reason, it gets various rewards and investments as it gives room to voluntary secondment and charities (Al Zarouni, 2015). Another importance of detachment is that it boosts employees’ confidence. In essence, there is a need for the host company to allow the employee share his/her skills and experience. Sharing of knowledge and competencies in the industry improves performance of employees, thus increasing productivity of the firm. In addition, stronger networks are created because the operator interacts with other workers in the host company (Egrilmezer, 2014). Another benefit for the employee includes developing a new perspective by changing the environment. In other words, the employee faces new challenges and learns how to address such issues.
EGA Seconding Analysis
Young Emirati engineers are a proposed team that the management has requested to shift from the EGA Company to Ma?den, Saudi Arabia. Ma?den is the only company in Saudi Arabia operating an alumina refinery (Turner, 2013). This type of secondment is the case when the employee is transferred from one department to another in an entirely different organization. This shift enables young engineers to gain technical and practical experience. Furthermore, the seconding has benefits to both engineers and the two companies. With the help of this coordination, the EGA and Ma?den ensure that their reputations are improved to acquire more investors and employees (Egrilmezer, 2014). The good thing resulting from this action is that the engineers get experience and skills needed for their job. The acquired skills and experience also benefit the company by improving production due to improved expertise.
Research indicates that the EGA can accommodate close to 7,000 employees after the establishment of Al Taweelah branch (Whitfield et al., 2015). This analysis is a form of corporate social responsibility (CSR) whereby the company creates employment for the society. The secondees operate in different departments of the branch. Turner (2013) suggests that it is important to acquire local experience at Al Taweelah to boost secondment. Consequently, the EGA is on the verge of employing Emirati experts from the United Arabs Emirates and other professionals from Australia and Jamaica. Therefore, the Al Taweelah Company is expected to increase the Gross Domestic Product due to the above measures.
In the EGA, secondments only occur when an employee or an employer requests for it. HR managers are responsible for implementing and managing secondments to enable employees to learn new skills and acquire job experience (Whitfield et al., 2015). They decide on the secondee, period of secondment, and their successors once they begin exercising their duties in different departments or organizations. According to Egrilmezer (2014), this shift does not mean that the individual stops being an employee of his/her first workplace since the change may be a contract. For that reason, some duties should be delegated to the worker once he/she finishes the contract. In this manner, they have an opportunity to exercise new knowledge and skills acquired in a different industry.
In contrast, most HR managers have learned that some employees return from the secondment and demand to retain their posts. This demand implies that the management must reshuffle the workforce. However, the system results in the pitfall of the detachment strategy (Whitfield et al., 2015). In this context, the executive needs to change obligations of the secondees immediately after they come back to allow them to practice their newly acquired skills. However, the challenge that may exist in this secondment process is that current employees might not feel comfortable working with the secondees. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to communicate effectively with the staff of the entire firm.
Secondees going to another company faces various challenges as well. They have to get out of their comfort zone and be ready to work with an entirely different team and use different approaches to fulfil their new job and acquire new skills and experiences (Kermeli et al., 2015). The secondment becomes an eye-opener to them. The secondee is also required to make stronger networks. This concerns building one’s professional networks and getting to know different people at a personal level.
Hence, all companies are recommended to use secondment as one of their core values. This way, employees will have a chance to develop their careers. Their skills will also be sharpened, making them competitive in the job market. Managers should discuss and agree on how to conduct secondment in the firm to avoid further challenges that may lead to conflicts between employees. In particular, they should decide whether secondments are going to be fixed or temporary so that employees who are being seconded can plan accordingly. Basic salaries awarded to the secondees should also be agreed. Another recommendation is that the HR manager of the EGA communicates effectively with the staff before and after the secondment period. This procedure encourages planning that avoids challenges related to detachment.
From the analysis, it can be concluded that the EGA is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-quality aluminium products. The company has more than 70,000 regular employees. The organization has an ambition of being a consistent provider of smelter technologies. Currently, the EGA is promoted by the advancement of the digital technology. For that reason, it is committed to continuing developing energy-efficient and high-performance reduction cells. Secondment is an important issue to consider for the EGA because it encourages new skills that influence the firm's performance and productivity. Although secondment has various advantages such as sharpening of employees' skills, the company faces some challenges regarding this action. One known problem is the conflict between staff members. To overcome this issue, HR managers need to communicate efficiently before and after the secondment process.

This text was written by Charles Pfeifer who is a writing editor at

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Re: Emirates Global Aluminium

By janewilson24/9/2021 13:21Fri Sep 24 13:21:37 2021In response to Emirates Global AluminiumTop of thread

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Getting a good quality of aluminum is quite essential as this element is mostly used up as a base or as the building block for various usages, like in the construction industry and the automobile industry. This article is a lot helpful and gave me a lot of information for my paper writing on aluminum usages in the green buildings and the green construction around various places in the world.

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